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Buying a home? Learn to Navigate today's Seller's Market

Buying a home in a Seller's Market is no easy task, but with the right tools and guidance you can achieve your home ownership goals. Wondering what makes a seller's market tough? Check out the 2 minute video below for a quick explanation.

Now that you know competition for homes in 2021 is high, if you still want to buy a home in today's market check out the post below!

First let's talk about surrounding yourself with the right people so you can have a team in place to lead you to success.

Find the right REALTOR®

Your realtor needs to be a good match. You are about to start a relationship with someone who will assist you in a VERY BIG PURCHASE. And if you are wondering whether you need a REALTOR, the answer is YES. A good realtor will be an invaluable guide during your Real Estate Journey.

When you interview realtors make sure you ask them the right questions. If you are talking to a large Real Estate team, you need to ask who in the team will handle your transaction. Make sure you have a main point of contact and confirm their availability via phone and text to answer all of your questions and concerns throughout the transaction. The realtor should ask you specific questions and then listen to your concerns; and no matter what, after every conversation, the realtor should communicate next steps clearly. A realtor that is in tune with the market will tell you what

Finding the right lender

Talking to various lenders is important. Not only does the lender need to be a good match, but you need to make sure the lender is offering you a good interest rate, lower closing costs and that they take their time explaining the various steps in the lending process. Your realtor might have a few preferred lenders he or she works with. Friends and family might also have good recommendations

Creating a strategy

A plan without a strategy has no direction

Both lender and realtor should explain what the process will look like and give you a good insight into the current market situation. That will help manage expectations and help you plan your move accordingly. Make sure there are goals and there is a process for follow up and communication. It is also important for the realtor and lender to communicate with each other. Remember you are building the best possible team to guide you through your purchase and a team that communicates and has a strategy is a team set up for success.


Many of our clients have been extremely successful in their Real Estate Buying experience by implementing the strategy above. Do you have a buying success story to share with us? Post on our success story wall!!


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