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Achieving the perfect room. How some simple changes can make your space more usable.

That room in your home that doesn't feel quite right might only be a few teaks away from achieving perfection. Read about some easy steps to turn your rooms into a spacious, usable and beautiful space.


Decluttering and Organization

De-cluttering and organization are not new, but in the last 5-7 years it has truly become phenomenon. Brands like #thehomeedit have truly made it into a method we can all achieve, and although it might seem overwhelming at first, if you start with your favorite room in your home and realize what makes it your favorite, you might be able to identify the small changes you can make in order for your entire home to become more enjoyable. Is it the colorful pictures? Is it the color of the walls? Is it the way furniture fits in the space? Is it that is more organized?

Do you really need that?

Organization sounds simple until you find blasts from the past in various drawers that make you go "awwww." Like the picture of your high school friends, or that piece of cloth from your favorite Halloween outfit. We are not saying you need to get rid of those things if you don't want to, but it is always good to create categories within a room and figure out how they will fit into your overall space. Perhaps having a "memories" box you can store or creating a collage of memories you can hang in your wall is the way to go. Pick one room per week and empty every drawer. Organize each drawer into categories and you will see how much better you feel after you know what is in every drawer. Make it a goal to finish the entire room though; or you will be left with multiple unorganized rooms by the end of the week.

Stand clear of windows

Natural Light is Always The Way To Go

Windows are the best way to achieve openness in a room, so if you have a big couch, lamp or desk in front of the window, it will take away from that light and openness. If you have a piece of furniture in front of a window, because you have no other place to put it, that piece of furniture does not belong in that room. You can always decorate your window with a small indoor plant to add some green to the room. You can also make it a point to water it periodically, which will help with getting some natural light if you work from home or spend a lot of time inside.

Symmetry is pleasing to the eye

Have you ever realized that when a picture is crooked or if a dining room table is not directly below the dining room chandelier it looks odd? That is because symmetry is pleasing to the eye. If you look at a room, and the pictures on the wall are not aligned with one another and specific furniture is not centered to the walls or matched up with a corner, it will take away from the harmony of the room. Simple symmetry can really change the look and feel of a space and it is easily achieved. So after you de-clutter and organize, make sure pictures are aligned and furniture and other accessories like rugs follow a symmetrical pattern

Neutral vs. Bright

In Real Estate and décor we talk a lot about neutral colors and accent colors, and you might have heard that colors like red and orange can cause us stress and colors like green and blue can make us feel more at ease. Usually, neutral colors with accents are a good way to approach the rooms in your home. A good mix of neutral walls and one or two #accentwalls or a good mix of neutral furniture and accent pillows, rugs, throws and accessories, helps you mix and match a room for the perfect combination of neutral and bright. If you haven't checked out Debbie's Pinterest, you can visit @Debbie Haus for a ton of examples.


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